Airport Safety

Airport Safety Tips

Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, you need to keep your wits about you in the airport to avoid becoming a crime victim. Follow these simple airport safety tips to help ensure you and your traveling companions arrive safely at your destination with your possessions intact:

  • Stay alert. Don’t leave your bags unattended for even a few seconds. Don’t allow anyone except uniformed airport personnel to handle your bags.
  • Keep your photo identification and your ticket close at hand at all times.
  • Do not agree to carry anything on board the plane on behalf of a person you don’t know, no matter how small or insigificant the item might seem to be, or how “nice” or innocent the person asking may appear.
  • If you notice any unattended items or suspicious activity in the airport or near the aircraft, report the situation to the nearest airport or airline official immediately.
  • If you have a purse, carry it close to your body. If you have a wallet, keep it in an inside front pocket. Consider using a money pouch under your clothes instead of carrying a purse or wallet.

  • Watch out for staged mishaps. Often, criminals will work in teams, one bumping in to you or spilling a drink to distract your attention while the other makes off with your luggage, laptop or other valuables.
  • Consider attaching an electronic proximity alarm to your valuables, which will alert you with a loud alarm if a thief attempts to make off with any of your bags while you aren’t looking.
  • Keep a separate record of the contents of your checked bags. This will come in handy in the event they are lost or tampered with. Any especially valuable items should not be checked, but should be packed in a small carry-on that stays with you at all times.

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